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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Ebb and We Flow

My head has been in a strange place lately.

Compartmentalized. Flip a switch and the "work" me comes fully awake and aware. Everything that concerns that cross section of who I am, "work Jewell" is at full attention.

There are other layers; "Domestic Jewell," "Scholar Jewell," "Writer Jewell," "Liaison  Jewell," "Daughter Jewell," "Companion Jewell," and of course "Lover Jewell."

I have been trying to keep these parts of my brain separate. As if they were specimens of my essence undulating in a jar of formaldehyde catalogued away in the recesses of my brain meats.

A smell that feels as if the delicate, thin layers of your sinuses would just wither and crack from the harsh, noxious fumes. 

It's not my sinuses though, you see. It's my collective emotional state of homeostasis. 

It's almost as if you are a manager for internal operations, the book keeper, the human resources person, promotional department, and the CEO all at once. There are always going to be politics at play in the world around us when these are roles taken on by actual tangible individuals, but when we have this kind of hierarchy and bureaucracy in our own minds everyday running the show, it can prove quite difficult to not get any overlap, for better or worse.

To keep it in terms of business. We are all working very hard here at Jewell Inc. to maintain daily operations and we project a more profitable, efficient, yet strenuous quarter in the upcoming fiscal year. Jewell Inc. is a start-up after all, but this project has got a lot of heart- sometimes too much. Don't sell your shares too hastily. This is just the beginning.

With Love and Dissent,

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