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Monday, March 14, 2011



The media is not painting the whole picture in terms of the West Coast's risk to radiation exposure. I was informed by a professor who has connections to the Obama Administration that radiation is expected to hit the West Coast within the next 48 hours. The press, both domestically and abroad are downplaying the global implications of the events that are happening right now as to not incite a global panic.

The radiation on its way has carcinogenic effectsIf you plan on living for longer than 35 years from now, you MUST protect yourself from these potentially damaging effects.The damage can sometimes manifest decades later.  Our thyroid glands are the most vulnerable to cancer at this level of exposure, so it is crucial you take the proper measures.

Please, protect yourself and your family by taking potassium iodide for a weekYou can find this supplement at a local health food store, your doctor, GNC, Vitamin World, or even online. I tried to pick some up from Whole Foods, but they are completely out of stock and won't have any for another two weeks. It is safe for children too, just consult with your pediatrician or ask the specialists at the store for suggested dosage.

This is not a joke. When Chernobyl happened in the 80s, the US was exposed to radiation as well. Oregon even temporarily called for a halt in dairy consumption for a short time.

People need to know the potential risks and be equipped with information to help themselves, should they feel so inclined.

Tips Obama Administrator (an expert researcher) relayed to my professor:

  • Avoid tap water. Only drink bottled, if you have the resources to do so (until the threat lessens and radiation dissipates)
  • Take potassium iodide supplements for a week. Liquid or tablets are fine. Kids can take them as well. Especially protect them, as they are also at risk of developing reactions decades down the line.
This isn't necessarily a perilous situation, but it's integral to be informed and take the necessary precautionary measures.

I love you all and hope you take care.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Far too long...

My lack of casual writing has been unacceptable. This is what happens when academia consumes your every moment. That, coupled with working every free minute you have otherwise. Not that I am complaining.

The courses I'm in are pretty interesting. Particularly applicable for the purpose of this blog is my photojournalism class. Lots of challenging opportunities to learn the art of photography. It's a delicate balance in this facet of photography though, as we can't be "too" artsy as it would detract from the journalistic element of the image. I understand. After all, I am but a fledgling and look forward to learn anything at this point.

Here is a collection of shots I have captured since embarking:

Pittie tied up outside a tattoo shop in dt LA

Mural in Huntington Park neighborhood

18-year-old LA Native, Giuseppe 

Mural in Huntington Park

Two girls at the Truckit Festival at Union Station

Little girl at Studio City Farmers Market


CSUN's CAPTURED Research Group, "Where is the Love" event.