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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ingredients to a Healthy, Yummy Smoothie

Warning! I was not ready to be filmed as you will be able to tell with my many awkward moments and frumpy looks!


Chrix Lanier shot and edited the video.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mikey Hans Photo Essay

"If you want to live in extremes, there are costs... a bigger low" -Mikey Hans"You become a better person" -Mikey HansPreparation"There's nothing really tying me down to the world." -Mikey HansRitualPixel
CloseVoyeur"You become a better person." -Mikey HansMikey says he is "really untethered."Intent"One love will supersede your lover- your child." -Mikey Hans
Freudian Slip"Inside of us is the best person in the world and a twisted monster." -Mikey HansLeg Braces and Fetal Pigs1920's Dentist Equipment"You can invent yourself." -Mikey Hans"Everything has a cost in life" -Mikey Hans
Mikey's Blood"Perfection to me is being imperfect." -Mikey Hans

Best Of Mikey Hans, a set on Flickr.

Check out the final set from the personality profile I did on my friend, Mikey Hans