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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Growing Out Your Hair Really Can Be a Bitch

An uncommonly trite post about girly things is warranted time and again, right?

So, I am in the middle of the painful process of growing out my hair. I have been on this journey for the past year (as of February).  Attempts to do this before ever since I hacked off all of my locks into a crop in '08 have been with no avail. Seeing that I am of the curly variety of our diverse species, this process is much longer then preferred then that of the fine, straight haired breeds. Not an expedient process in the least.

Here's a short walk down memory lane. Pun intended.


My hair was down to my mid-back and was like a lion's mane. That was it's nickname in fact, my "mane." It really personified my personality well and was a good juxtaposition to my diminutive stature. 

Then I had the impulse to chop it all off. So I did. I don't regret it, but man, it is a PROCESS. Observe.

2008 when I had a boy cut. This is actually my boyfriend Chrix and I's first date (sort of) on Catalina Island!

2009: A year later to my bob phase...

And into February of this year, 2010 which was the last time I cut my hair. I shaved the sides of my head too. I loved having them shaved, honestly. Chrix hated it, but I was obsessed. I think once I reach my goal length I will probably shave them again.

Present day. This is the longest my hair has been in almost three years. It's crazy to think about but it will definitely make me think twice before I hack everything off again. I wouldn't mind going back to a sculpted, rounded bob, EVENTUALLY. But as of now, I am on the daunting, arduous road to getting back to where I was circa 2007. Once there, I will be chilling with the length for a while.

Anyway, now that I am feeling an immense sense of guilt for spending half an hour of my time writing about my god damned hair, I'm going to go back to being a news hound or look up some inspiring material.


With love and dissent,


  1. I like the way your hair looks shaved. Looks great on you that way.
    And about the catholic upbringing, unfortunately we have an extremely catholic family, luckily for you, you're far away from it.

  2. Thanks Juanis!

    My mom hated it too. I like different looks though without going overboard.

    As for our family. Tell me about it. It's part of the reason I moved away from Orange County and my mom. I love her but I can't be in a highly religious environment. It's really hard on anyone who is creative or open minded in my opinion.

  3. I love the evolution of your hair. I am really going get some bangs/fringe now. No more wimping out!

  4. You better do those bangs! You would look so damned cute!