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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Bejeweled" by: Sharon Sibley

It isn't often that one of your favorite people in the world writes about you in such beautiful ways. This poem was written for me by my dearest friend, Sharon. It always puts a smile on my face. She always knows how to encapsulate the essence of a moment so perfectly. I love her more than words can articulate.

At first glance, a delicate thing
Slight frame topped with wild ringlets
Black leather, cotton and candy
Diminutive stature and sentiments
Then the form twists and shapes
Still slight, no longer shy
She shows her true nature
A vivid and vivacious badger child
Our friendship budded and bloomed
A string threaded through our souls
Creating a tapestry of love
Binding us together as kindred spirits and sisters
We careened through minimalist castles
Whispering snarky secrets and cackling mad
Reclining among graves and sipping on Hoya sweetness
We created microcosms wherever we went
The costumes we have played in
The roles we have slipped in and through
Dark sprites in shadowed chambers
Keepers of the magic mushroom missile
The adventures we have braved
The places we have gone
We have been cute, we have been dangerous
Spending hours in smoky lounges reeking of ambrosia
The city is our playground
And we gladly frolic through the urban jungle
Dancing wildly, laughing fearlessly
Our moments made eternal and our memories made legend.


  1. Haiku reply!

    Words, they seem so small
    When trying to express love
    But Lord, do they try!!!

    .... And is that photo of Lea Michele from Glee holding a firecracker?... If so, it TOTALLY made my day ;D

  2. I honestly have no idea. But you are still the best.