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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mikey Hans Photo Essay

"If you want to live in extremes, there are costs... a bigger low" -Mikey Hans"You become a better person" -Mikey HansPreparation"There's nothing really tying me down to the world." -Mikey HansRitualPixel
CloseVoyeur"You become a better person." -Mikey HansMikey says he is "really untethered."Intent"One love will supersede your lover- your child." -Mikey Hans
Freudian Slip"Inside of us is the best person in the world and a twisted monster." -Mikey HansLeg Braces and Fetal Pigs1920's Dentist Equipment"You can invent yourself." -Mikey Hans"Everything has a cost in life" -Mikey Hans
Mikey's Blood"Perfection to me is being imperfect." -Mikey Hans

Best Of Mikey Hans, a set on Flickr.

Check out the final set from the personality profile I did on my friend, Mikey Hans

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