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Monday, April 18, 2011

Club Impulse

I came out of my cave a few days ago to go to "Club Impulse" at Boardner's in Hollywood. There was an amazing performance that I was graciously invited to.

The procession featured Jeanelle Mastema's group, "Virgo Rising." Mikey Hans and Pixel were the subjects of some facial piercing and the subsequent blood-letting while they were draped in a shroud and had Bhutto-inspired makeup adorning their bodies. 

As strange as it may seem to those who may have never been in an environment like this before, the whole ritual was calming and spiritual. I have been to some haunts in the past that showcased what may have seemed more sensational, having people suspended by hooks (CORE), but this was different. I appreciated the more creative angle they took on what has been done again and again at these venues (needle play, blood sports). It was more understated. 

A job well done to all of those involved!

Here are some of my snapshots from the evening:



Freudian slip





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