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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Life and Death of American Journalism

"This crowd will be certain to oppose reform, and distort the issues beyond recognition, because ignorance is their best friend- and because they make a lot of money spinning scary stories of blood-sucking taxmen, deadly Canadian healthcare and moderate Republicanism."- The Life and Death of American Journalism

Perfect quote that sums up the malicious nature of the conglomerates that are running real news media six-feet-under. Clear channel, Disney, Tribune... All  of these have their hands in so many honey pots and control the airwaves, television content and what goes to print. If you listen to the majority of what is broadcast, written, etc. there is an undeniable pattern of trash. Even NPR. They are sponsored by Monsanto, Walmart and Pfizer. 

Another good quote: "Never before have we had so many tools to learn and communicate- yet the art of talking, listening and ascertaining the truth seems more elusive than ever in this Internet and cable age, lost in a bitter stream of blather and misinformation." Maureen Dowd

In better news, I did hear how there has been a big push for more community-run radio stations to come back on-air. Of course, the special interest groups (such as some I listed above) are not thrilled with this prospect but if things do move forward and subsidies do start happening for radio, we can only hope it trickles down to print. The integrity of what we depend on for facts and for what is happening in the world depends on it.

Regardless, it is essential to remain critical. Stay abreast of the poisonous influences of these corporate devils.

With extra love and dissent,

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