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Monday, October 4, 2010

For This Mark I Will Remember

This weekend marked Chrix and I's second anniversary. We ditched the city and hung out in Julian. It's an adorable little mountain town East of San Diego. Famous for their apple pies (as there are orchards everywhere), horse drawn carriage rides, and the three blocks that contains the entire town- with only one stop sign. I still have photos that I want to upload, so the details will be in an entry to follow.

One of the souvenirs I walked away with from the experience was this tattoo,  "Nosce Teipsum;" a Socratic parable, thereafter adopted by Plato. It translates to "know thyself." There is some debate as to whether or not it was originally written in Latin or Greek. I got it done in a Typewriter font- as I Iove to write and am enamored with typewriters. I own a 1920s, fully functional machine that's one of my only prized possessions.

Better photos will follow

In other news, this is the first piece I have made for my line of trinkets, babbles, lotions, and potions! It was inspired by the fall, naturally. I will be continuing with creating more until there are enough to me to comfortably open up my Etsy shop. If there are any requests in the meantime for custom orders- feel free to contact me. 

Here is my plan for the products I will be offering:

- Handmade, organic, paraben-free lotions with essential oils, aloe, vitamin E, and various other modifications, depending on your skin type/disposition.

- Hair accessories. Ranging from cute and whimsy edging over to darker and a touch more morbid.

- Jewelry. Pieces of copper and silver wire twisted into random shapes with found objects, beads, etc hanging from them.

- Prints of some of my photos. Just to see what happens.

With love and dissent,

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