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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Equinox- in Every Sense of the Word

I could feel it in the air the moment my eyes opened this morning.

The cool, crisp, dewey air. Pangs for a hot chai and muffin. The anticipation to don scarves, boots and shawls- long since neglected since the warmer times.

I yearn to nest. To craft. To nestle in my domicile with a fire burning, a hot chocolate or cider in hand, and my lover, nuzzling by my side.

Cook a slew of seasonal dishes, full of squash and pumpkin. Make treats that emanate scents of nutmeg and ginger. Making mouths water and memories come alive.

Embrace new hobbies (like knitting!) and make trinkets for the holidays. 

Set up shop.

Set up home.

Set up heart and soul.


Right before I sat down to write tonight I was knitting in bed with my cat, Duvel by my side and I was thinking to myself how blessed I truly am for everything in my life. The world may be insane and my impulse is to write about what is getting under my skin; but as of late, I have tried to focus on what inspires me and makes me feel light. Tending to edge on the heavy side, I have definitely noticed the shift in my demeanor. Just a subtle softening. Worth it.

In the spirit of new projects... here is a follow up story from a previous post:

New recipe I attempted from a previous post: Lemon Mint Avocado Pesto Soba Pasta. It turned out beautifully. I added heirloom tomatoes to contrast the tart flavor of the sauce. Highly recommended recipe. Pardon the bad lighting of these shots- taken in the kitchen of my apartment right after being made.

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