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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taking up Knitting!

In the spirit of feeling the craft bug biting I have signed up for a knitting class this afternoon. The venue looks adorable. It's called, Stitch Cafe and according to their website they have a courtyard/garden like set up in the back where people can hang out and knit. There are also open knitting circle times for people in the community to cruise by. It looks like a little cottage. I am so excited and feel whimsical up the wazoo. By the end of this class I will know how to make a scarf. They offer other classes though that teach you how to follow patterns, make hats, etc. If I end up getting hooked I may have to continue. 

The idea of guerilla knitting sounds appealing. Installing random knit installations in public that make people wonder, "Why they hell would someone make a cozy for the stoplight?!" Sounds like it could be fun and random.

Anyway, Will post photos of the adventure!

With Love and Dissent,


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