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Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Excited for my Custom Piece Made by Stuart Briedenstien

I have worked with Stuart a couple times modeling his jewelry. He is honestly one of the most creative, amazing people I know. Hands down. All of his designs are so unique. I like to describe him as a Mad Scientist type. The ring he made me in 2007 sticks up like the one in this photo, but higher and is mounted with a piece of green amber. He acid washed the metal for me too. To date it is my favorite piece of jewelry and it is a great conversation starter. He even has a pendant that is a hand warmer! It burns on alcohol and actually lights on fire! He lives up in Bend, Oregon but I met him originally in Orange County at The Camp. 

There is a beautiful story to it. I had modeled some of his pieces prior to leaving for Europe in 2007 and he asked for me to deliver a custom piece to one of his best friends, Gigi who lived in Rotterdam. I agreed and in return I had met some of the most inspiring, wonderful people in my life to date. I stayed with Gigi and her husband, Jorrit in Rotterdam for a collective two weeks and had such a fantastic time. We went to art shows in, "anti-squats," drank a lot of Duvel (now my cats name), and visited another friend, Bart in Antwerp, Belgium. Such a magical time of my life. When I look back I still get choked up, I was so free. It will happen again. It has to.

Flash forward to now- I shot with him again a few months ago so Stu said he would make me another custom piece. This time, based on our brainstorming, it is going to be a big pendant (another conversational piece) that is edgy, corroded, maybe even rusted, with bolts. I want him to have complete creative freedom- that is always how I like to operate. My look lately has been evolving into capitalizing on juxtaposing my diminutive stature and feminine appearance with harsh accents. I like the contrast. Whether it be with my hair, clothes, or my thoughts- most importantly.

Anyways, I'm super excited. He's amazing. Give his stuff a look. You can find him at his website which I included a link in the beginning or here, at Smashing

And a couple shots of my whimsical time while abroad with Gigi and Jorrit:


Hanging with Bart, Sach, Gigi, Jorrit, and Dave in Antwerp

At a theater in Rotterdam with Gigi

Gigi and Sachli in Atwerp

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